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Telephone Wire Red BowlEthical Gifts isĀ  a new Australian Fair Trade business offering a range of unusual earth friendly and fair trade products from around the world. Ethical gifts offers a variety of stylish fair trade gifts, earth friendly products, handmade toys, elegant jewellery, gifts made from sustainable or recycled materials, green gifts and locally made products.

Founder and business owner of Ethical Gifts, Beth spoke with us here at Fair Trade Directory about the reasons behind why she chose to sell Fair Trade products.

Beth told us that she is not a macro thinker, world poverty, inequality, exploitation and the sadness they cause, of course, they are huge concerns but White Inflatable Tent the sheer spirit behind the fair trade products has become my passion. Such pride, such optimism, such tenacity and such skill!!

So much of what goes under the fair trade label is superbly made arts and crafts, items to treasure,items to value and with each product there also is an untold story. Stories of hardship we in the Western World can barely imagine, stories of struggling, of fear, of loss, of pain but given the opportunity the products show people rising above this. Fair Trade provides that opportunity and it is through it I have encountered some of the best of what makes us human – hope dignity creativity, resourcefulness.

Beth says she has chosen to try and make a small difference through selling fair trade because she has an enormous admiration for the people behind the products, because Beth believes it is not just about giving or about charity, it is essentially about respect.

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