Making Good Choices About Fair Trade

Making Good Choices about Fair Trade

Making Good Choices about Fair Trade

By Paula Johanson – September 2009




All people want their time and effort to be valued. Inflatable Tent Anyone wants to trade his or her time and effort for fair value. That’s what fair trade is about–making fair deals locally, nationally, and internationally.

This compelling book engages students in the issues of fair trade, helping them to make greener choices to support the ecology and sustain the environment and communities of Acheter Parcours Obstacle Gonflable people. Readers learn about fair business standards and about the ways they can support fair trade, not only in the products that they purchase Inflatable Theme Park For Sale but in fair trade ideas that can help communities and nations. In this book, students discover that a business that relies on fair Inflatable Park For Sale trade will earn reliable profits over a longer time than one that serves only its own interests. They will also learn how just one person can make a difference in fair trade practices.

Making Good Choices about Fair Trade – Available online at Fishpond

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